By: Blonde Two

For those of you looking for somewhere to do a bit of wild camping on Dartmoor (better described as backpack camping) but maybe with the comfort of a tap and toilet, or even a bit of Dartmoor glamping in a camping pod with a view, I couldn’t recommend Brimpts Farm more highly. From riverside wilderness camping field to ten bedroom relaxed conference facility (you might even spot a hot tub), Brimpts Farm has won prizes for diversity and done an excellent job of suiting outdoor enthusiasts of all kinds at the same time as maintaining that beautiful, countryside feel that you expect to experience on a farm.

I was doing a bit of freelance DofE work in April and, as the very windy Storm Hannah approached, Ju, the expedition leader, and I decided to go and talk to Andy about sheltered camping options for her youngsters who had been due to ‘wild’ camp in the lower field. Andy was more than helpful, offered us sheltered tent pitching around the buildings, emergency heated ‘middle of the night’ accommodation should it become necessary, and suggested that we adults make use of the lovely Brimpts Farm camping pods. The youngsters coped admirably with, what has to be said, were unpleasant conditions and, after some very wet tent pitching and warm food eating, slept well. We adults know that they slept well because we took it in turns to take watch and leave the comfort of our mattresses to check for any issues (I have to admit here to having the easier, late night check and sleeping through the not-so-fun super early morning one).

In the morning we were treated to the lovely and most welcome view of the sun shining into our camping pod as it rose behind Yar Tor, as well as some smiling faces from the youngsters. Thanks to Brimpts Farm, the expedition, which could so easily have ended in a soggy mess, was successful and the smiles continued all day.

PS When you visit Brimpts Farm, you might also want to say ‘hello’ to the beautiful Clydesdales horses that make their home there and even book yourself in for a ride.