By: Blonde Two

We all have a favourite place to go for a walk. For the Two Blondes (and for many of you) Dartmoor is definitely the location for our best and most loved walks. We love walking on Dartmoor in all seasons, on walks of all lengths and in all weathers. In fact, we would argue (and we are very persuasive) that Dartmoor was definitely right up there in the 100 best walks in Britain.

Well now (and I mean now, the last day to vote is today) you get the opportunity to vote for Dartmoor in ITV’s ‘Britain’s 100 Best Walks’ poll. The walk that has (by popular vote) been chosen to represent Dartmoor is one that takes in Bowerman’s Nose. Mr Bowerman, I am sure, will be very pleased to hear this and, although he is already fairly big headed (just look at the size of his hat) I think anyone who stays out on Dartmoor all year round deserves a bit of praise.

As you know, Mr Ignatius Bowerman and I are good friends and I am pleased to find out that he has other friends too. If you want to know more about him you might be interested in my storybook, ‘The Non-Story of Ignatius Bowerman’, written for children (but really for adults) available from Dartmoor National Park visitor centres and local bookshops as well as on Amazon and eBay.

The South West is often underrepresented in… well just about anything to do with the outdoors really. We are getting there with some great walking festivals (we Blondes are involved in the Dartmoor, East Devon and Scilly walking festivals) and even an outdoor festival of its very own in the shape of the South West Outdoor Festival. This poll is a chance for you lovers of, dwellers in and visitors to the South West to redress that balance a bit. Vote for Dartmoor in the ‘Britain’s 100 Best Walks’ poll, do it today and (even if Bowerman’s Nose isn’t your favourite tor) help us to put Dartmoor even further onto the walking map and into the walking calendar!