By: Blonde Two

Blonde One and I had a Foxtor Cafe meeting on Saturday.  It was great fun and long overdue particularly as we arrived without an official agenda.  This was not a problem for the Blondes though.  We discovered that, despite having an awful lot to talk about, we could order agenda items as we were speaking.  It went something like this;

B2  “Yesterday I went … no wait, you finish and then after we have talked about whatever we are going to say after you have finished, I will tell you about the other thing to do with the thing.

B1 “I didn’t tell you about the, have I told you about the, no I haven’t because I haven’t seen you, how did that happen? … anyway, the … started to … oh by the way, oh no, wait a minute, lets talk about that after the … and then the thing about the thing will make more sense …

I am sure that it would have sounded like manic nonsense to any eavesdropper but it made complete sense to us.  I suppose it was a bit like talking in code.  Imagine if there had been spies at Foxtor Cafe.  They would have been brunettes of course (redheads stand out from the crowd too much), they would have avoided sitting in any of the “Positions of Power” and would, undoubtedly have been shocked to hear us talk of Blonde Baps.  They would have been disguised as DofE leaders, scribbled incomprehensible notes onto their waterproof notebooks and left frustrated only to get into a lot of trouble from their internet mogul (not the cold lumps of snow) bosses for not gaining any useful Two Blondes intel.