By: Blonde One

Navigation skills need a brush up?

Skill fade is a term that is being heard more and more lately. It is exactly what it describes: the reduction in skill over time. The current reasons for navigation skill fade are obvious as we slowly creep out of lockdown number 3. None of us have been able to get out onto the hill as much as we would like and our maps and compasses have gathered a fair bit of dust since local walks are all we are currently allowed. Perhaps the prevalence of digital navigation systems is also in someway responsible for skills being lost.

Obviously all skills will diminish a little with lack of use and we are very aware that in order to lead groups of teenagers, run navigation courses and lead night walks, we must make sure our skills are up to date and well practised. It’s easy to confidently stride out in poor visibility and suddenly realise that you are not quite as proficient as you used to be.

If you’re feeling that your navigation is a bit rusty now after lack of use through lockdown get in touch and join us on one of our navigation courses.

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