By: Blonde Two

Yep, I know, “bunkhousing” is not a real word but the alternative verbs just don’t quite work.  For example, housebunking sounds like a strange game where neighbours move into each other’s homes.  “Bunkhousing” is therefore, my word of the week and refers to the act of staying in a bunkhouse (we Blondes are doing just that this week).  For those of you who have never done this, a bunk house is a bit like a tent except that people sleep on top of each other (in bunks), there are actual real live pillows, you can get to the toilet without crossing wet grass and All-Sorts-Of-Strangers are allowed to move in with you.

The All-Sorts-Of-Strangers thing can be a mixed blessing.  Usually they are friendly types who are up for a natter and a shared cocoa with a couple of Blondes but even the most friendly of them tend to snore.  The snoring can be an issue, you can forgive a good friend the occasional snort but an All-Night-Nose-Symphony from a complete stranger can be less than acceptable.

Our Young Leaders plus The Bearded Wanderer are coming “bunkhousing” with us this week and we are all keeping our fingers crossed that (as in previous years) we will have the place to ourselves.  This bunkhouse, you see, is very unusual and has a really large, comfy sofa.  It would be a huge shame to have to share it with the All-Sorts-Of-Strangers. Our lads have come up with a couple of ideas of how to scare everyone else off the sofa, I can’t describe them to you in case you have nightmares but I will let you know how we get on.