By: Blonde Two

Today is Thursday.

I am telling you that because this time last Thursday I was in a state of excited anticipation because Blonde One and I were going out Dartmoor ‘bunkhousing’ with two of our outdoorsy, good fun and very lovely lady friends.

There is something about spending time with people who love what you love, do what you do and really understand you. It makes you feel better… a lot better!

The funny thing was that for once, we didn’t go outside (well there was that hundred metres between the pub and the bunkhouse). We did do these things though:

1. Arrive an hour early because of a watch and car clock that were both still in summer time (just me).
2. Choose our bunks and put our sleeping bags and pyjamas out.
3. Chat.
4. Have a little laugh.
5. Have a little cry (just me again).
6. Go to the pub as soon as was polite.
7. Order four pints of Jail Ale (what else!?)

8. Chat some more.
9. Finally get round to ordering food (mostly with chips).
10. Order four more pints of Jail.
11. Chat some more (slightly louder by now!)
12. Eat the sort of pub grub that you are supposed to have after a long walk.
13. Chat some more.
14. Start singing along to the most excellent playlist.
15. Order a wee snifter for the road.
16. Ask your fellow Blonde to sit on the loo to see if it is you or the loo that is wonky (just me!)
17. Walk the long walk back to the bunkhouse.
18. Snuggle in bed.
19. Chat some more!!
20. Snore (obviously not me!)

It really was a most excellent evening and should definitely be repeated. Thanks are due to Foxtor Bunkhouse and to The Plume of Feathers Pub in Princetown. Even more thanks are due to my friends. There is nothing quite like friends to cheer you up and to understand. There is also nothing quite like sharing a bunk room after a few pints…