By: Blonde Two

Anybody who has spent time out in the wilds with groups of youngsters knows how important the minibus can become.  It is your home from home, your shelter from the storm and something to squat behind when the dark looks just that bit too scary.

If you go out on Dartmoor near to Ten Tors weekend, you will see a wealth of very smart looking minibuses.  These minibuses will have lovely liveries of burgundy, dark green or steel grey.  Their seats will be plush and have contrasting upholstery – even the children in them  will be in matching kit in a complimentary colour.

Most importantly, these posh buses will have beautifully designed logos with interesting mottos such as “Follow, Pursue, Eat Jelly Babies” (made up) or “Fidelity and Integrity” (real).  The very poshest buses from the very poshest schools will have carefully translated their motto into a language that nobody can speak.  I have never managed to decide if this is to stop people from taking the proverbial or just pure showing off.

The Two Blondes have never had such a bus.  In fact, in the past, we have had “bus envy”.  No plush-bus for us-bus, no, the Two Blondes have to make do with a private hire bus from a well known company beginning in “Thrif” and ending in “tee”.  We have to confess to being guilty of the sin of “Bus Envy” in the past.

During one long waiting session, to while away time, we set ourselves the task of designing our own plush-bus.  Eventually our over eager planning was leading to something more akin to a Winnebago than a minibus so we turned our mental capacities (not great after a night on the moors) to composing our own motto.  In the end we chose a favourite.  I am not sure I should tell you it as it really was very tongue in cheek and not at all fair on our fabulous but rough around the edges kids, but the Latin translation would something along the lines of “Verum est polire possis stercore.”  I even designed a coat of arms to go with it.

You would think, then that the Two Blondes might have become fed up with their buses beginning with “Thrif” and ending in “tee” but the opposite has become true for me. Whenever I see that logo now, I have happy thoughts of fun and laughter and even feelings of coming home.  Sadly, this year those buses are no longer with us and we have ones with a totally different logo on them.  I am wondering if our Dartmoor “homecomings” and evenings will feel quite the same!