By: Blonde Two

Corporate team building the Blonde way

Team building is an interesting concept, it has connotations of reluctantly sweaty suited bods, running round sports halls, looking for ‘clues’ and wishing desperately for lunch (despite knowing that this sad meal is going to consist of over-cooked salmon, tiny, dark green peas and something that might have once resembled a potato.

I hope that you have had better experiences of corporate team building than I have. Luckily over here in The-World-of-Blonde we have a far better answer to team bonding and the development of mutual trust than falling backwards into the arms of someone whom, on a normal day, you would hide under your desk to avoid.

It has to be said that we didn’t come up with this answer ourselves, allow me to explain.

Whilst we were at the 2018 launch of the Ordnance Survey Champions we met a lovely lady. I won’t give you her name here but she is new to the OS Champions team and is going to be in charge of making sure we all behave ourselves, turn up in the right places and (I am sure) eat the parcels of cake that, from time to time, she is going to send us. Blonde One and I liked ‘New-Blonde’ immediately so no real need for corporate team building there but it was whilst we were out in the New Forest en champion masse that the (maybe ultimate) team bonding experience occurred. ‘New Blonde’ (not pictured) came up to us and asked, “Do either of you fancy coming for a bush wee with me?”

I did, as it happened, these things (particularly in winter when leaves are absent) are always easier in pairs. So off we went. Much laughter was had as we struggled to find a tree trunk wide enough, out of the thigh deep mud and off the, rather undefined, path. We eventually managed and Bush Wee Bonding became a real thing. So next time you are putting together some corporate team building for your sweaty, suited bods… you know what to do. Just give them loads of cups of tea and then send them out into the woods together! ‘New-Blonde’ is set to become a friend… I can just tell!