By: Blonde Two

I have a few problems with the spellings of our title words today.  “Business” looks more like something to do with public transport, invoking images of standing around waiting, sitting next to smelly people and having the correct change; whereas “busyness” merely looks like I have a poor grasp of English spelling rules (these are, unlike English blokes, for the most incomprehensible).

Anyway, today I have set myself a task – it is not going to be easy and will require my utmost concentration and strength.  Today, I am not taking youngsters on an expedition, I am not exploring Dartmoor hut circles with Blonde One and I am not pitching tents.  After a March so full that it very nearly burst, today I am focusing on doing nothing at all.

This won’t be easy, in fact I am discovering that is a real challenge.  It is a bit like a physics problem – which daily activities constitute “doing nothing” and which stray into the realm of activity?  I am going to write a “not-plan” for my day along with a “non-agenda”, a “dismenu” and an “unroute” card.

So far, I have had a bath (with bubbles but without a book), put some clothes on (with slippers but without makeup and eaten a large breakfast (with sausages but without cooking).  Someone clever (and probably very busy) is going to point out that writing a blog post constitutes doing something but they will be wrong; for me, writing a blog post is just thinking with my fingers and, in the “Blonde Hierarchy of Doing”, thinking falls, like a Dartmoor cloud, just above everything else.

Happy Switch-Off Sunday!