By: Blonde Two
Christmas songs aren’t always my favourite thing. This one has a bouncy tune but really does need to be rewritten for the modern age. We girls are quite capable of surviving the cold and dark. In fact sometimes we’re better at it than the chaps.
I don’t recommend you try to sing along because some of the changes are a bit of a stretch (and singing two voices is never easy) but you might want to listen to Dean Martin’s Baby It’s Cold Outside before you read on.
I really must go.
But Baby it’s DARK outside.
I gotta head torch you know.
Baby it’s DARK outside.
This evening has been…
So pleased that you dropped in.
Okay I s’pose.
I’ll hold your hands and warm your toes.
The snow will be coming in flurries.
Babe I make tasty curries.
Can’t wait to be pacing the floor.
Listen to the gale outside.
So I think that I’d better scurry.
Beautiful please don’t hurry.
I can’t wait to be out the door.
I wish you’d stay and chat some more.
My socks are quite warm
But Baby it’s DARK outside
I can weather the storm
Baby it’s DARK outside
Under this dress…
You look so very nice
I’m wearing my thermals
I’ll warm your hands they’re just like ice.
With my map in my hand.
But Baby it’s DARK outside.
A night walk will be grand.
But Baby it’s DARK outside.
And my compass will guide…
You can read a map?
Me my way home.
I was hoping for a cosy nap.
I simply must run.
Baby it’s DARK outside
Got my walking boots on.
I don’t live in the city.
I really would rather…
Are you always this tricky?
Head into the storm.
Oh for heaven’s sake, I’ll come with you then! Hold on while I get my coat!