By: Blonde Two

Today is National Get Outside Day and, across the nation, people will be asking the question, ‘Will you go out with me?’ and setting off to enjoy the great outdoors. That’s the good news… The not-really-so-good news is that, if you live in a particular ‘yellow warning of rain’ zone, you are going to get wet during your outdoor venture. We hope that you are all planning to brave the weather and join us and other Ordnance Survey Champions across the country in spending at least part of today outdoors. If however your plans of outdoor ventures are changing in the face of the wet stuff, we have ten Get Outside thoughts that might help you to enjoy at least a little bit of time and a big chunk of wellbeing in the fresh air today.

  1. Rain looks far worse from inside a house than it does outside one.
  2. Pub dinners, chips and pasties all taste at their absolute best after a walk in the rain.
  3. Twenty minutes outdoors is better for you than twenty minutes on the sofa.
  4. If you live by the sea, rain swims are great fun (but definitely avoid swollen rivers).
  5. Singing outdoors whilst standing under a tree can be a brilliant experience (but not in a thunderstorm).
  6. Raindrops on roses are beautiful, so this would be a great day to visit a National Trust garden.
  7. There is something amazing about sharing a rainy walk with friends.
  8. Wellies need exercising at least once a month.
  9. The best cup of tea you will ever drink will be the one out of a flask, drank in the shelter of a rock with your best mate.
  10. People are actually quite waterproof!


So… DO CHECK THE WEATHER FORECAST but please, don’t be put off by today’s weather… Blonde One will tell you that my favourite outdoor phrase is, ‘It’s brightening up!‘ And we can guarantee that getting outside today will brighten you up. Even if you just get out there for a few minutes, please let us know what you are up to. Tag us on social media, use the hashtag #getoutsideday, send us photos and let’s all see how many people we can encourage out for a bit of fresh air today!

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