By: Blonde Two

I really don’t know where or when the ‘Manchego and Chorizo’ tent tradition started. It could have been Mr Welsh who is particularly partial to a spicy sausage’; but I have a feeling it was James Blonde (pictured below) who doubtlessly served them with suave sophistication and a martini (easy to shake in a rucksack).


Wherever they came from, these two Spanish delights seem to have found their way onto the Blonde tent party menu. I have even added them, alongside more usual items such as bacon, eggs and loo roll, onto the Ten Tors weekend food shopping list (don’t tell Mr Welsh, they are a surprise!)

During our penultimate Ten Tors training mission for this year, we found a smidgen of time (I think it was past ten at night by the time the leaders had all eaten) to share around some manchego and chorizo. It had been a very long day; we ate and laughed and chatted and then (I at least) fell asleep in all of our clothes. In the (before sunrise) morning we did all of the usual camp things: wee before youngsters are awake, wake youngsters up, wake staff up, wee again, give briefing and see teams off … and then thoughts turned to drying and packing our own kit away (weird I know, but it wasn’t raining!)

It was then that I noticed (or didn’t notice) that the manchego and chorizo were missing. We hadn’t finished them (unless I fell asleep earlier than I thought) we hadn’t thrown them away, we hadn’t left them where the foxes could steal them; so where were they? I still don’t know, I expected to find them squashed at the bottom of my rucksack when I got home, but they were still absent.

The whole thing remains a mystery but after nearly two weeks, I am kind of hoping they don’t turn up!