By: Blonde Two

We Blondes have never counted our hats but I have a feeling that if we were to do so, we would find ourselves with rather more than our number of heads demand. The thing is we both love and need hats. Dartmoor without a hat can be an uncomfortable place, Blonde One is even recognised by one of hers.

B1 Baseball Cap

I have recently developed a new hat requirement, that is of a hat to keep my head warm when wild swimming. There appear to be a few options:

There are sensible ‘I am a swimmer’ hats.

There are flouncy ‘I am a flamboyant swimmer’ hats.

There are visible ‘Can you see me swim in the dark?’ hats.

There are warm ‘Blimey my head hurts under this ridiculously cold water’ hats.

And there are ‘There’s no way I’m putting my head in this ridiculously cold water woolly hat’ hats.


For now I have my Ordnance Survey Get Outside Champion hat which is newly salt encrusted, does a great job of helping people to work out who I am in the dark and is very effective when I need somewhere to tuck my dripping wet hair.

Santa are you listening?