By: Blonde Two

A short while ago I wrote a blog post all about feminism and being feminine. It involved dolls, tutus and axes, I was proud of it and you can read it here if you missed it the first time.

Blonde One and I like the fact that we are equally capable of being adventurers and dressed-up girls (well sometimes!). We are not alone, if you look hard enough up on those hills, in those rivers or amongst those waves, you will find lots of outdoor women all doing their thing and all looking wonderful.

Not-at-all-Blonde, without any effort, managed the other day to epitomise what I was trying to say about girls and the outdoors. On a recent trip up to visit the Dartmoor Christmas Tree, she delved into her rucksack to find the obligatory flask of tea and instead pulled out an elegant, black clutch bag. Needless to say, inside the clutch bag was a lipstick.

I’ll say it again, buy your daughters dolls but buy them axes as well! You’ll be as proud of them as I am of Not-at-all-Blonde!