By: Blonde Two

Can you Blondees and Blondettes see those two bumps in the ground?  Well neither can we usually.  The Two Blondes have used these two cairns many times for a bit of navigation practice.  You would imagine that they would be easy to find, they are very clearly marked on the map, an easy pacing distance (69 or 72 double paces per 100 metres depending on which Blonde you are) and were made in exactly the same way as their more prominent cousins up the hill.Cairn DCTHowever, the Two Blondes often use these cairns to tease young navigators and family alike.  Six-Foot-Blonde and Little-Miss-Blonde have both been challenged to find them and the truth is, that for some reason, these particular cairns often prove elusive.

Not on Sunday however, I could see them from a long way off as they were surrounded by a distinctive ring of flowering grass (I could tell you which grass but am concerned about getting it wrong).

I have a feeling that the grass was always there and that maybe, on nav. practice sessions, we have had our noses so firmly stuck in our maps that we have walked straight past it.  It is interesting though, in a very definite ring around the cairn area, presumably due to some other building works from the dim and distant Dartmoor past.  I will keep a Blonde eye on it!