By: Blonde Two

On Friday last week, I had the most wonderful Dartmoor afternoon in the company of some rather lovely sheep, some chickens, some geese, a ram, some ducks, two dogs, some incubating duck eggs, a nice chap called Matt and a very friendly lady called Gill.

I have to say though (apologies to Matt, Gill and the grown-up animals) that the ‘meet-the-Blonde’ show, was completely stolen by three very new and very cute ram lambs.

The plan was that Two Blondes would arrive at the farm, a sheep would conveniently go into labour, Two Blondes would help proceedings by muttering calming words and stroking a fevered woolly brow and then there would be a pair of lambs to cuddle.

Well that was my plan; but Blondes are often busy, and sheep are not going to be pushed into these things by silly human schedules (quite right too)! As it was, Blonde One couldn’t come, but I had a fabulous time undertaking such activities as:

Holding important things while Gill put a feeding tube down into a poorly and very new lamb’s stomach. He looked much better after his forced dinner and I have it on good authority that he is doing well.

Lamb 2

Cuddling lambs. I hadn’t realised quite how cute they would be close up. One little chap even had the start of a pair of horns; not very pleasant for his mum during the birth, but they did suit him.

Lamb 1

Getting stuck whilst climbing farm gates (oooh my lady bits!). Gill showed a level of gate-agility that can surely only come from heaps of practice.

Exploring the farm. Truly beautiful, I will have to go back to see the Dartmoor views because it was misty, but it is easy to tell that the whole place is a labour of love.

Chatting with two other people who are as batty about Dartmoor as we Blondes are.  Always a pleasure to compare ‘Dartmoor 365’ records.

So, a big thanks to Gill, Matt and their lovely sheep (Whiteface Dartmoors).  No lambs were born while I was there, so I didn’t get to use any Blonde midwifery skills; but I am looking forward to going back for another try.