By: Blonde Two

Well dear Blondees and Blondettes, by now on this Saturday morning, the Two Blondes are already meeting their two teams of youngsters and loading up the minibuses.  We are off on our final Ten Tors training weekend before the challenge itself in May.

It is quite a poignant moment for me as this has been my first (and probably only) year as Ten Tors manager.  I can’t quite believe we have got there (well nearly).  Blonde One and I were talking today about how, back in September, even the smallest thing panicked me; thunder, rain, river levels, temperatures, campsites, missing mascara … you name it, the list was endless.  This week, several things have happened to make us think about our plans and the weather is not looking great but I appear to no longer be panicking. Could it be that this Blonde has learned a measure of confidence in her (and Blonde One’s) ability?

It will be a funny trip for us.  The kids will walk round the edge of Dartmoor (with a bit of criss-crossing for the older ones) and we will drive after them like a Blonde entourage. We will stop and walk to meet them occasionally of course but mostly, just like on Ten Tors weekend, they will be on their own.  They will be fine because they are Blonde trained and if they are not fine, well, it will all work out because you see, I have stopped worrying and calm is the new panic.