By: Blonde Two

We in the Blonde Two house, have a tradition around this time of year. It is my birthday today and, at some point around now, we gather round the tea table, read poems and eat haggis.

“But Blonde Two.” I hear you ask. “Why don’t you eat haggis on January 25th like everybody else?”

The answer to this question is simple. After Burns Night, the haggis is often reduced in the supermarkets and I can get it a lot cheaper.

Haggis, I am sure that you will agree, is a strange food. Only somebody very hungry would invent a dinner that is sheep’s insides filled up with more sheep’s insides. It is tasty though and you could argue that, by using as many of the bits of a sheep as possible, we haggis eaters are being good stewards.

Definitely not to everyone’s taste but it did occur to me last night that a smallish haggis would make a great camp food (vegetarian options are available). You would need plenty of gas to heat it up with; but it only requires boiling in water and then, hey presto, you have a meal that is self contained, filling and provides a winning mix of carbohydrates and protein.

Be warned though, if you are planning to spend the night in a smallish tent, best do it alone and don’t light a match!  Haggis’ relationship with gas is not just via the need to heat it up!

A prize to the first one of you brave enough to try it!

Header image borrowed from here!