By: Blonde Two

I love to read – all sorts of books – but as a nice lady pointed out on Twitter the other day, I don’t have much time for it at the moment.  With work, Ten Tors, D of E, Blonde Expeditions and blog writing – my eyes tend to shut as soon as they hit the pillow and Mr Blonde Two often ends up putting my book away for me.

In an tent, it is all different.  If my eyes ever shut as I hit the pillow, I would probably think that I was dead.  Camp sleep is an illusive beast and I don’t really feel that my jumper stuffed under the end of my Thermarest counts as a pillow.

All this would make you think that my tent would make the perfect place for me to get some reading done.  I don’t have any interruptions as there is only room for one in my green and orange coffin and there is plenty of lying awake time available.  What better opportunity could there be for a few pages of literary mirth and merriment?

If only this were true but in reality, I find reading in a tent just as difficult as keeping warm.  The torch is my first issue.  A head torch works well in bed when one is trying not to disturb ones partner (wouldn’t work with new Silva super torch) but try getting one to point in the right direction on top of two hats and underneath one down jacket hood and you will soon become frustrated and give up.

Another problem is the cold, having to put both arms out of the sleeping bag is a bit of a no no when you are fighting for every bit of heat you can get.  There are two possible solutions to this problem – one is the sleeping bag suit which has arms built in (recently christened the “Jelly Baby” suit by one of our Blondees)  The other is a Kindle – I have recently found that you can hold a Kindle in one hand, it is not so easy to change page with one hand but I am working on my dexterity.

I have decided to try out solution two this weekend and will let you know how I get on.  I don’t have a light for the Kindle but Big Orange (new sleeping bag) should ensure that my need for a hat diminishes (this is the last thing that I remove if a night warms up) and that I can keep a head torch in pointing in the right direction.  Any suggestions for suitable stories to read?