By: Blonde Two

Our campervan is basic but lovely and hasn’t got mod cons like a shower or toilet. We don’t want either of these as we prefer a smaller vehicle. This means that over the last few years we have had to be a bit inventive when it comes to camping hygiene. I’ve tried most things from warm flannel washes inside the van to rather invigorating snow hygiene experiences. Last weekend saw my first wash under an outdoor camping shower. Here’s how it went.

  • Our son rigged up his shower (he loves van gadgets). This involved filling a container with water, plugging the pump into a 12-volt socket then plunging it into the water. He then attached it (with a sucker) to the rear door of the van.
  • I changed into my swimming costume (we were on a campsite) and found my soap.
  • I stood underneath the shower, turned it on and allocated soap to my required areas.
  • A deafening thunderclap heralded a monumental deluge forcing us to remove the shower and close the van door.
  • My son and husband each retreated to a van. I was left outside, soaking wet and soapy. Looking I am sure, a tad ridiculous to everyone else but feeling liberated to be experiencing the storm in such a way.

I did eventually get to use the shower once the storm had passed. It was marvellous affair and I am definitely sold on the camping shower idea. We agreed that a black water carrier or solar shower bag could result in warmer water but I don’t think I want to rig a shower curtain. I couldn’t trust anything with such sticky flappy tendencies.

I’ve done some research since my storm shower experience. There are all kinds of camping shower luxuries available. I could go for a hot shower that heats up from the campervan’s gas supply, or one of those wooden slat platforms to keep the grass from my bare feet. I will be keeping my eyes peeled however for something simple, effective and small enough to pack away in a hidden corner of the van.