By: Blonde Two

This week, the Blondes are on expedition in foreign fields (Exmoor). Here is part two of a little something I got up to during my recent visit to New Zealand:

Yesterday I told you about my first experiments with making my own dried food. Today, I give you results of my dried meal experiment.

Here is the recipe (chosen mostly because of what was in Norm’s fridge at the time):

Blonde Recipe – Pad Thai Corned Beef

1 dash of rice oil (more than a drop, less than a splash)
1 onion
Half a green pepper
2 thick slices NZ corned beef (silverside, not the sort in a tin)
2 tbs pre-cooked pad thai noodles
tsp dried kaffir lime leaves (pre-dried by moi!)
dash white wine
dash soy sauce

Cook everything together until it looks like a dinner (taste).Thai Beef1

Lay out the ingredients on a solid dehydrator plate.Thai Beef3
Turn dehydrator on and leave there all night.Thai Beef4
Gather the strange dried stuff and put it into a bag.Thai Beef5
Take the strange dried stuff on an exciting expedition.Rehydrating Pad Thai
Add water and wait …Rehydrated Pad Thai
Eat (if you dare!)

Conclusions: Plastic bags can hold boiling water if they don’t have holes in the corners. Add too much water and you end up with a tasty soup. Noodles and vegetables rehydrate well, meat remains a bit chewy. Blonde Two left her dried kaffir lime leaves in a bin at San Francisco airport (too worried that they looked like drugs to take them through customs). Blonde Two is going to purchase her own dehydrator!