By: Blonde Two

Have you ever got things muddled up?

In the dark, in a tent, this is very easy to do. I have a particular issue when I am searching through the dry bag that contains all of my toiletries. I must emphasise the ‘all’ in my previous sentence; because I often seem to bring far more little pots, containers and tubes that I need to. Tubes have given me especial concern over the years; a tube of toothpaste feels much like a tube of antiseptic cream. You learn to judge them by feel but if you get that wrong, you unfortunately have to learn by taste.

I nearly made a similar fatal error at home the other day. After a trip through Dartmoor’s Fernworthy Forest (ask Not-At-All-Blonde about how many midge bites you can fit on one face!) These two bottles – one for deterring midges and one for encouraging contact lenses were side by side in my bathroom. I picked up the wrong one, but thankfully realised in time. Can you imagine how uncomfortable putting a sliver of diethyltoluamide soaked plastic into my eye would have been?Deet and Eyes

I am considering developing a range of Blonde glow in the dark bottles; for toothpaste, I think blue would be best …