By: Blonde Two

If you outdoorsy, rufty-tufty lot have have heard the name ‘Zoella’ before today then I will eat my waterproof Sealskinz hat!

This is because Zoella is a vlogger, and I am willing to bet my left Bridgedale sock that you either don’t know what vlogging is, or are not interested in watching a girl making her breakfast, testing make-up or dressing her dog in strange clothing.

Well good for you; but you may be surprised to learn that over eight million people want to do just that. You would be even more surprised to learn that Zoella purportedly earns £443 an hour.

Vlogging, for the uninitiated (aka most of us) is blogging in video format. Blog is to web-log, as vlog is to video-log. Vlogging is obviously the more lucrative of the two, as demonstrated by the fact that, despite three years of daily blogging, we Blondes both still have alternative full-time jobs!

Image - Flickr Remko van Dokkum

Image – Flickr Remko van Dokkum

All of this led me to wonder if there are any more outdoorsy vloggers out there (I wanted to say ‘less vacuous’ but that would have been rude from someone who has recently been accused of being too trivial).

And I found some: I found a guy who claims to have an addiction to geocaching, a guy who likes to ride his fat bike (yep, it is a thing) across railway bridges, lots of people kayaking the Upper Dart in flood (they weren’t talking much) and a couple having a breakfast competition (I liked that one so here is a link).

What I didn’t find was a vlog about a pair of Blondes, who don’t like to show their faces, stomping around Dartmoor in the rain. Maybe we have cottoned on to something new here!

PS If Go Pro are reading (obviously they are), we don’t have a camera yet!!