By: Blonde Two

As you know, dear Blondees and Blondettes, our youngsters are learning to love Dartmoor as much as we do.  Coming from them, phrases like, “I get Dartmoor!” are, music to our ears.  Which is why we were thrilled when our Gold DofE group suggested that they would like to include some voluntary work on Dartmoor in their forthcoming training weekend. DSC_0877 Who knows what they will be doing.  Maybe dragging wet green stuff out of our lovely leats or being nasty to bracken.  They could even be digging holes for people to fall into (oh no, there are plenty of those already!) It took Blonde One a little while to find someone who wanted our help.  We Blondes are persistent and got there eventually but I imagine that, had our young people been looking on their own, they would have given up more quickly.  It would great to see youngsters actively encouraged to do voluntary Dartmoor work.  After, they will be the ones looking after the moors when we are no longer here.