By: Blonde Two

I like my little sports car.  It is impractical in many ways but it is fun to drive and having the roof down gives extra opportunities to sniff peaty Dartmoor air on my way to walks. Maybe more importantly, it can just fit day sacks and walking boots for Two Blondes into the boot.

Apparently the Dartmoor cows like it too.  On Sunday, it was left looking quite shiny, safe and snug in the car park at Whiteworks.  If I had been worried about it, I would have been reassured by the presence of a very manly looking Landy parked close by.  But I wasn’t.

I maybe should have been because by the time we returned from out walk, the shiny blue car was no longer a shiny blue car, it was a blue car with big brown mud spots, a squashed mirror and smeary windows.  Apparently the Dartmoor cows (who were by now lying around looking all innocent) like my car too.  They had either been overcome with jealousy at seeing something so shiny, been having a mud-flinging competition (little black was looking a bit smug) or come over all itchy and decided to have a good rub.

Whatever their reasoning, the car is now mucky and the wing mirror has a bit of paint missing.  If anyone notices a cow with a new blue spot, can you let me know?  Blonde words need to be had!