By: Blonde One

We call career development CPD at work: continued professional development and every year we have to reflect on our CPD. Normally it contains the normal range of training courses related to work and the Two Blondes CPD always contains loads of outdoorsy stuff: first aid, WGL, DofE assessor, mountain climbing in Morocco, BEL tutor, etc, etc. This week at work I carried out a very exciting job that I consider to be worthy of a mention on my CPD list. This week I booked a ferry to the Isle of Man for 3 staff, 6 Gold DofE participants, one minibus and a mountain of kit! It was a nerve wracking time, I can tell you. Those of you that know me will know that I am pretty good at spending money and my general policy is spend first, think about it later! This time however, I was totally the opposite. It was hard to spend that much money, when the money wasn’t mine. You may think that I’m making a fuss about nothing but believe me, it was a tricky procedure. First of all I had to make a ‘ferry booking’ appointment with the Finance department, then I had to go armed with all sorts of information: names, ages, dates of birth, times, dates, bus dimensions, email addresses, telephone numbers and finally a credit card number. I know we have barely started the year, but this day was easily the best day of the year so far. The group are now definitely on their way to the Isle of Man in July for their expedition!

Who says work is boring?!