By: Blonde One

It’s that time of year (the last Sunday before Christmas) when Blonde One and Little Miss Blonde, and two friends L and D, go to the local church on the hill for the candlelit Christmas carol service. It’s a lovely tradition and one that we very rarely miss. This year, however, we seemed to be more Blonde than normal!

It all began with a conversation about being careful that we didn’t set our hair alight on the candles. The candles behind us were quite close but we decided that we would be safe as long as we didn’t make any flicky hair movements. We felt our brunette friend, L, was a bit safer as brunette hair is less naughty.

Then we nearly got the giggles … we decided to get our coins ready for the collection, to save scrabbling around in our purses, and couldn’t quite decide where to out them. We imagined then crashing to the floor and rolling down the aisle!

Finally we discussed the chill in the air (the boiler has broken) and commented on the visible breath of the congregation. It was at this point that I admitted to originally thinking that the vicar was smoking a vapour e-cigarette. It turns out he was just holding his glasses and had visible breath because of the cold!

Sometimes Blondness is quite tricky!