By: Blonde Two

By Blonde One

On Friday I returned home to find a poor old pigeon had met an untimely end and lay with half its innards hanging out on my patio. It wasn’t a very pretty sight and there were feathers everywhere; I was most upset. I considered cleaning up the mess myself, then quickly realised that clearing up pigeon guts was most definitely a blue job and not a pink job. So I decided to leave it and ask Mr Blonde One to deal with it in the morning.

We were both so pleased that he didn’t get onto it immediately when we discovered a sparrow hawk having the pigeon for breakfast! I don’t live in a particularly rural setting, nor urban one, but seeing sparrow hawks on the patio is most definitely a rare sight.


We’ve had garden birds, squirrels, toads, gnomes, rabbits and foxes before but never a sparrow hawk. It was amazing. We stood for ages watching it feasting and took loads of photos. After it had been breakfasting for a while it decided to carry the remains off to finish eating in peace; after all, no-one likes an audience at the breakfast table.