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Girls Only

By: Dartmoor Blondes

Well hello lovely Blondettes.  Welcome to our Girls Only Page! You know how the Outdoor-Boys like to write lots and lots of gear reviews about… Read full article

The Hill Period

By: Dartmoor Blondes

Period adverts are weird, they tend to fall into two categories: a) ‘These indoor girls with periods look stunning, and have been clubbing all night… Read full article

Tampons or Crampons?

By: Dartmoor Blondes

It has come to our Blonde attention that there is some confusion in the outdoor world as to the difference between crampons and tampons.  We… Read full article

Body Hair Navigation

By: Dartmoor Blondes

Body hair is a tricky issue in any situation Out on the hills, it can become mission critical and requires a considerable amount of planning…. Read full article