By: Blonde Two

It would appear that after all these years Schrodinger has finally put his cat in the box and discovered that it can indeed be dead or alive at the same time. This refers to a list issued by Physics World magazine (which I obviously read avidly) of the this year’s top physics advances. In actual fact the only dead thing in this equation is Schrodinger himself but French scientists have managed to confirm his theory using photons (cats) and microwave cavities (boxes) and by not measuring anything.

Apparently it is the measuring that spoils the event. I can relate to this on a variety of levels. In my experience cakes baked for school fairs don’t rise, children dressed for parade don’t look smart and teachers observed by inspectors don’t teach well.

Maybe we should all stop measuring and start doing a bit of being. That way we could exist in whatever state we chose (or all of them) and the world would be a happier place.

If all of that is a bit too deep and sciencey for a Wednesday Thursday morning then I would like to say a word about poor old Wonder Woman whose career at the UN has been cut short because… well apparently because she was too sexy.

Me, I have always loved Wonder Woman. Any woman who can look that good in big pants is a friend of mine!