By: Blonde Two

Yesterday the Two Blondes went back to visit the lovely chaps and chapesses at the headquarters of the Ashburton Dartmoor Search and Rescue team.  A huge thank you to them and we will tell you more about the visit soon.  We got there without any navigational errors (mainly because I wasn’t involved in the navigation at all) and had a fab time.

I am not sure if the sign below was meant for us or not.  I wasn’t brave enough to ask.Caution Walkers Maybe it was a warning to us to be careful.  I did spot a number of hazards – sand on the floor (hopefully nobody noticed my little skid across that), ropes, vehicles, lawn mowers, hose pipes, wobbly steps, extra strong coffee and a dodgy looking dummy with headphones.

Or it could have been that it was deemed necessary to warn team members about the imminent arrival of the Two Blondes and their assorted troop of youngsters.  I can imagine the briefing before we arrived ending with the words … “Whatever you do, don’t turn your back on them.”

I am kind of hoping that neither of the above are true.  We were perfectly safe and in very good hands.  There is a final and much more Blonde possibility;

The team are all on a diet and have been told to particularly avoid salty potato based snacks.  I like this one best.

The team at Ashburton Dartmoor Search and Rescue are all volunteers.  They give up their own time for call-outs, training and fund raising.  They rely almost solely on public donation.  If you enjoy Dartmoor, then you will be relieved to know that these guys are there to help out if anything goes wrong (believe me, when it does, it is really scary).  You can (and should) make a donation here.