By: Blonde Two

We Blondes don’t often take our chairs with us to camp. I like chairs, they offer somewhere to file your bottom, and they give you the opportunity to ensure that people are occupying the space to which your mind has allocated them. Ask Six-Foot-Blonde, if he (and all of his height) enter the kitchen whilst I am cooking a roast dinner, I will almost without thinking ask him to sit down so that I know exactly where he is. This I think must be the result of having three lively children and a tendency to fall over things.

For our Peak District base camp (and this is definitely a deviation from the DofE 20 expedition conditions), we decided that, for a change, we did have room in the Blonde One adventure-mobile for our chairs. The interesting thing was that we didn’t sit on them very much. Maybe we are too used to squatting on the floor; it seems to me that you either have to organise a ‘chair camp’ and have tables, shelves and stove height to match, or you have to have a ‘floor camp’ where everything important happens at ground level.

As you know, we had a lovely time in the Peak District; our chairs did too. They wore our Get Outside jackets, they dried our rucksacks and they spent hours and hours admiring the view of the Mam Tor ridge. Chairs, it would appear, deserve a holiday as much as Blondes do!