By: Blonde Two

Those of you who regularly read our blog may note, that challenge is nothing new to the Two Blondes.  Indeed, we are expert at turning even the most mundane of daily activities into a challenge.

Consider this, who else do you know who finds a challenge in selecting the correct pair of pants (there we go, I said it again), or choosing the correct drink to go in a flask, or even finding their way to a place that they have visited before?  I feel that my ego may deflate irrevocably here if I don’t point out that the Two Blondes do also accept more “traditional” challenges.  For example, taking thirty young people wild camping on Dartmoor might be something that some people would baulk at, or indeed promising to write a blog post for every day of a whole year.

We are used to challenging our young people but yesterday the roles were reversed and two of our DofE/Ten Tors youngsters issued us with a challenge.  We were driving to the local Cash and Carry to purchase a selection of goods for the youngsters to sell to raise money for their Gold DofE expedition.  As always when the Two Blondes are together, there was a lot of silly banter in the car – we have found that our young friends usually give as good as they get.  Everything was normal when, suddenly from the back seat, the challenge was issued – “I bet you two can’t be sensible for a whole day.”

Something else that you may have noticed about the Two Blondes is that they are not very good at turning challenges down.  This one was duly accepted but immediate and almost overwhelming silliness ensued as we tried to pick a suitable day.  The voice of reason came from the back again, “Maybe you should pick a day when you don’t see each other.”  Excellent advice from one so young – it is clear that Two Blondes are much sillier than one.

A day when we weren’t going to see each other was proving difficult to find so I have suggested a shorter but equally tricky challenge.  On Thursday afternoon, we have our weekly DofE meeting with our Gold group.  After numerous camps, walks and near disasters, we know each other pretty well and it is a meeting both Blondes look forward to as a chance to relax and let the silliness flow.  This Thursday, however, things will be different.  Two sensible Blondes wearing sensible shoes and with sensible hair arrangements will be completely and utterly sensible.  We will have lists on tidy notepads and pre-sharpened pencils.  We will not pinch the kids’ chips, neither will we tease them.  All attempts at merriment will be ignored, as will any wearing of “silly” outfits as an attempt at distraction.  We will have a pre-arranged and sensible agenda which will be stuck to rigidly.

Hands up if you think we can manage a whole forty five minutes of sense and sensibility – like I said, the Two Blondes like a challenge!