By: Blonde Two

On Boxing Day I timed my sea swim for high tide, which conveniently coincided with a rather lovely sunset. It was a soothing swim with pink/blue waters and the merest nod to a breeze.

I had a rather exciting new hat to try out (neoprene, orange and almost flattering) so I stayed in a bit longer than usual and had some fun with the waterproof camera.

I also had some fun with my feet… chasing them that is. It would appear that taking foot-framed, sea view shots is more difficult than you would imagine. First there was the current which kept turning me around so that I missed the view.

Then there was the floating which meant that every time I leaned back to take a photo, my feet shot up into the air.

And finally there was the toe, if you look closely you will see that the big toe on my right foot is looking a bit pale. It happens every time I swim in cold water, most of me feels okay but this particular toe always loses feeling and takes ages to thaw out.

We have had great fun over Christmas watching Opie the puppy chasing (and occasionally catching) his tail. I haven’t got a tail but now, after a session chasing my feet, I understand the attraction!