By: Blonde Two

Yesterday morning found this Blonde waking up with an unusual problem – I had too much cheesecake in my fridge.  Please don’t get me wrong, cheesecake is a good thing and should be in a girl’s fridge at least once a year.  However, my Blonde curves are just starting to recover from Christmas and I knew that the cheesecake was not going to help.  I also knew that a situation did not exist that would stop me from having a slice of the gooey goodness.

I did some quick maths (at least I think it was maths) and worked out that the walk Blonde One and I had planned had sufficient contour lines in it to cancel out the calories of one piece of cheesecake each.

Then I had another problem.  How exactly do you get two slices of delicate, wobbly goodness up onto Dartmoor in a rucksack without them becoming a mushy squash of wobbly goodness?  I opted for a sandwich box (the cling film only approach just didn’t work).  I would like to say that I walked especially carefully with my delicate load but I forgot all about it until we stopped for coffee at Longbarrow.  The photos below show the before and after travel results (a bit flattened but not too bad).  They don’t show the smiles on the Two Blondes faces as they enjoyed their post Christmas treat in the winter sunshine.