By: Blonde Two

By Blonde Two

Blonde One and I recently had occasion to eat some rather inferior cheesy chips. They were served in a perfectly nice cafe, in a very pretty bowl and consisted (in the usual manner) of cheese and chips; however, something was wrong with them. I can’t quite put my finger on it, but I think that they were just too posh (obviously we ate the whole bowl just to check!)

I hadn’t had chips with cheese on them until I moved to Devon seventeen years ago (another thirty three and I might be allowed to apply for citizenship). Which is why I was interested to see The Guardian’s “Chips with Everything” map; which shows what people across the UK (and the rest of Europe) like to put on their chips.

Apparently it is only us Brits that like cheesy chips (I am reliably informed that the cheese doesn’t melt properly in the altitude of the Alps, and sinks in the Danube). Nowhere on Dartmoor was marked, so they obviously didn’t go into Fox Tor Cafe (which they should have done, because the best cheesy chips do live there). However, cheese with chips is marked in Aberdeen, Manchester and Bideford (at least I think it is Bideford, tricky to tell). This is good news for Blondes who like to travel, as cheesy chips are, without doubt, the very best thing to eat after a day out on the hills.