By: Blonde Two

I imagine that if angels can fly, seraphim can probably soar, then cherubim can almost certainly glide (well you think of an alliterative verb – there are two teachers on this sofa and neither of them can!)

Angel Tree 2 2015

Until yesterday it seemed unlikely that a yellow and white knitted angel would have the nouse to operate her wings. This particular angel however does belong to a very famous Dartmoor Christmas tree, and was knitted by my mum, so maybe I shouldn’t have been surprised when, on visiting said tree with family Blonde Two, I found her absent from her branch.

Family B2 Tree 2015

She hadn’t flown very far; or maybe her new rocky perch was a decoy. From the Dartmoor Christmas Tree you can see the North Hessary Tor mast, so maybe she had visited Fox Tor Cafe in Princetown for one of their splendid breakfasts, popped into the Plume for a pint of Jail Ale and then wished Merry Christmas to the staff at the High Moorland Visitor Centre.

Wherever she had been (she is definitely of the female persuasion) it was clear that, despite the sideways rain, she was happy to be fastened safely back onto the Dartmoor Christmas Tree along with the baubles and bells.

I was happy to be there doing the fastening!