By: Blonde Two

We try to have a “waste not, want not” policy in the household Blonde Two (please note, this is not the same thing as the Christmas cheese “waist not” policy). Our system even extends to Christmas trees; which is why I had to leave the house for a couple of hours yesterday morning.  Let me explain (no, really be quiet and let me explain);

We had the most beautiful Christmas tree this year but I have to admit to some pangs of guilt about our “cut down” tree after Blonde One and I had spent so much time communing with the “alive and well” Dartmoor Christmas Tree (anthropomorphism – a favourite word – at its finest).  You can imagine then, the trauma that I felt at the thought of Mr B2 chopping the house tree up into burnable sized pieces.  As I said, “waste not want not” and it will eventually help to keep the house warm; but it did seem a bit mean, kind of like charcoaling a distant Kiwi cuzzie (cousin) on the barbecue.


It is Twelfth Night soon and Blonde One and I will be doing our annual arboreal tidy up. Please don’t worry though, there will be no chopping down, just de-baubling, giggling and maybe a bit of singing.