By: Blonde One

As you may have gathered from various hints about the ridiculous workload that seems to be coming the Blondes way lately, we are two excruciatingly busy Blondes. I would say that my lack of blog activity is also a giveaway but there’s really no change there! Life in Blonde circles is less than satisfactory at the moment and definitely requires improvement. We barely have time to pass the time of day, never mind have a proper Blonde Business meeting (these are becoming increasingly necessary).

However, Friday nights are always good and this weeks Friday night has not let me down. My first task this Friday night was to decide what to watch on TV – what a lovely surprise I had to find that Robbie Williams was on! He’s sure to brighten up even the most crappy week. Next, lovely Mr Blonde One went to collect a delicious Indian takeaway. The chicken tikka marsala went down very well – thank you very much! After dinner I opened a package from Cotswold’s full of bits and pieces. Opening a package is always a pleasure even if it is whistles, Trangia burners and Trangia seals!

My last job, though, was by far the best job I’ve had to do in a long time! I opened a package full of sponsored t-shirts for my Gold DofE group. These t-shirts have been printed and paid for by the very kind I Go Web . Outstanding! They look amazing and I know that the Gold group will be really grateful!

After a week to quickly and firmly remove from the memory banks, it has improved beyond all recognition. Thanks go to Robbie, Cotswold’s, Mr Blonde One and most importantly the very, very, lovely MD of I Go Web! CP – you know who you are!