By: Blonde Two

If you cast your mind back to September, you will remember that I was in New Zealand and experimenting with dehydrated meals for Mr Blonde Two’s cycling adventures. I have stowed my dehydrator safely in the cupboard until after Christmas; but in my head I have been concocting recipes such as dehydrated turkey curry, sprout pot pouri and even Christmas pudding powder.

If Mr Blonde Two and I go on our traditional Dartmoor New Year’s bivvy (we have done it once but it would make a good tradition), it would be most satisfying to be able to rehydrate a complete Christmas feast before we settle down for a night of bag-flapping fun.

Except that I have seen and smelt Christmas pudding powder, and it definitely didn’t look like it would rehydrate in any form that would be tempting to the human palate. Witness the two puddings below, both retrieved from my kitchen cupboard for a feast; two slightly different family recipes one three years old, the other five (ish).

Christmas Pudding 1

Recipe one has survived and tastes like a Christmas pudding; recipe two has not, and I suspect does not. We didn’t try ‘just adding water’ as the powder looked like it might have explosive qualities. There is a portion of the more edible pudding left, I am considering dehydrating it as emergency rations … just in case I bump into Santa you understand!