By: Blonde Two

By Blonde Two

On Sunday Mr B2 and I (after a rather long lie in) decided that it was time to saw/chop up the rather messy pile of wood in the garden, and organise it into a much neater pile of wood in the garden.

He sawed, I chopped and stacked; a mutually happy arrangement which meant that he got the power tool and I got to borrow the Gransfors Bruks axe again. He also got to worry about my fingers; from the look on his face, I think my axe style was a bit erratic.

We must have looked a very dashing pair because I was sporting my New Zealand pink overalls, and he was wearing the dark green pair that Norm had very kindly sent back for him.

Every Christmas I send my boys up to the nearby copse to, “Fetch the Yule Log.” Only one of these times has been because we actually needed the log to burn. The rest of the time I have had more motherly reasons; like, “Stop eating all of the cheese.”, “Please get out of my kitchen.” or “Go out and play.” The latter, I have discovered, is just applicable when your boys are 24 and 26 as when they were 4 and 6.