By: Blonde Two

I got told off for mentioning Autumn a couple of weeks ago so you may not be all that pleased to hear me talking about Christmas already but trees, as it turns out, are not just for Christmas.

The Two Blondes usually make night time visits to the Dartmoor Christmas Tree during the “Dark Months” but since his untimely pruning back in March, I have been popping up more regularly to have reassuring chats with Tree and see how he is coping with his new “Half Tree” status.  He, in return, has been having reassuring chats with me about life, things and stuff.

Dartmoor must be as good for trees as it is for Blondes because Tree (all things considered) is doing mightily well.  His sideways branches have a couple of inches of new growth and the sprouts on his trunk are looking pretty strong.  It is possible now to imagine a time when the slightly sad looking trunk will be covered by new growth.  Mother Nature is very clever isn’t she.  She must surely be a Blonde!Dart Tree 09 14