By: Blonde Two

Christmas day dawned down here in Devon with weather that could only be accurately called “changeable”. No time for trips to Dartmoor but a glance out of the window showed that the weather was doing the same over there as well.  There were some interesting contrasts going on; blue sky in the middle, black sky northish and exciting cloud southish.


I found time in the midst of turkey (not Turkey), the family Blonde Two and wrapping paper to go out for two quick “around the block” dog walks.  Two walks, two slightly odd outfits:

Walk One:  “Dress Up”

With all of the cooking and slopping of gravy, I often end up looking quite scruffy for the whole of Christmas day.  This year, I have spent so much time in my walking gear that I was determined to make an effort to look a bit “dressier”.  My need to go outside and seek fresh air was having a bit of a wardrobe battle with this desire to look tidy.  The end result was a rather happy truce of smart black dress, tights, shamefully muddy walking boots and buffalo jacket.  I only met one other person out on canine perambulation.  She appeared to have thought out her clothing selection much more carefully than I and had a lovely red coat with fur topped wellingtons.

Walk Two:  “Undress”

This walk occurred after dark which is probably just as well because it mostly consisted of my new pyjamas.  There is absolutely nothing like a pair of pyjamas at the end of a busy day and these were calling out to me so loud that I couldn’t resist donning them a short time before what could reasonably be called permissible.  I am not sure I would recommend them for usual walking gear but along with the still muddy walking boots, they did the job well enough (under the good old buffalo jacket).

Harry the Jack just wore his usual fur coat.