By: Blonde One

After the recent rescue of the Two Blondes and 6 youngsters, we found ourselves (the Two Blondes, not the kids!) joining the rescuers for a pint at the local pub: The Church House Inn at Holne. Everything was right! There was Jail Ale on tap, sausage and chips cooking for us all (it turns out that this fantastic hostelry provided sausage and chips free of charge – how amazing is that?), a cosy log fire and to top it all, a whole host of fantastic memories! I have lots of associations with Holne. I used to get a school bus to take me to school which went on an amazing route around the outskirts of Dartmoor including Holne. I didn’t appreciate it at the time but if I could turn back the clock a ‘couple'(!) of years then I would surely enjoy every second of the journey. I had a few friends who lived in Holne including Jeff who I think joined the Navy and then moved to Australia. It was good to be back in the village and be reminded of old friends. Living at the Church House Inn at the time of my school days was my friend Alison Winter. I have so many memories of going to her ‘house’ to play and very clearly remember being invited to several birthday parties there. The pub didn’t look the same inside (I had not been back since my school days before Wednesday) and I wracked my brain trying to work out which room was the one where we sat playing pass the parcel! It was and still is, a very traditional Dartmoor pub with a lovely homely atmosphere. I have promised myself that I will return more often, perhaps without a party frock and a gift for Alison! I wonder where she is now?!

If you’ve never been, then check out their website, give them a visit and ask if they know where Alison has gone!