By: Blonde Two

Well Blondees and Blondettes, sometimes fairy tales come true and sometimes they don’t. In the end these Two Blonde Cinderellas didn’t make it up to the ball (namely The Great Outdoors Awards in Keswick) and they didn’t win their award category (I am only sulking a little bit!)

The good news though, is that Outdoor Blogger of the Year was won by another outdoor mad lady. So, in the face of all of the maleness of the outdoor world, it would be churlish not to offer GirlOutdoors our congratulations.

Being the competitive Blondes that we are, we have started to think of strategies to make sure that do we win next year. Maybe we should get off Dartmoor and climb some mountains, maybe we should reveal our true identities to the world or maybe we should write a best-selling book.

Maybe, just to be on the safe side, we should launch our own awards; we won the night-navigation competition that we organised back in February! “And the Blonde prize for Bimbling goes to … “.

I think I will stop sulking now.  It causes wrinkles you know, and besides which, I never did like pumpkins!