By: Blonde One

Cleaning your down sleeping bag couldn’t be easier

You might, like me, have wondered if it’s worth getting your down filled sleeping bag professionally cleaned. It’s quite easy to become attached to your sleeping bag, as Blonde Two has done with Big Orange so you don’t want to be without it for any length of time. It might seem like a bit of a hassle packaging it up and posting it off when it might just last one more season’s camping. Well when Little Miss Blonde came back from Africa there was no such dilemma! Her normally blue sleeping bag was a very distinct shade of brown and it was as flat as a pancake (no photos as it was just too dirty; the camera would possibly break!). If definitely needed some serious attention. Luckily Scottish Mountain Gear came highly recommended. The sleeping bag was duly sent off in the hope that they would be able to do something to revive it a little. I was not at all optimistic about what they could achieve. After a few weeks a miracle occurred; it arrived back almost as good as new. The fabulous Scottish folk had transformed it back to its former fluffy glory. Amazing!

Little Miss Blonde and I have the same sleeping bag (as seen in the photo) and comparing hers to mine now is making mine seem like it needs a bit of a spruce up too. I thought it was in good condition but apparently not.