By: Blonde Two

Whilst Mr B2 and I were perambulating our tiny section of the South West Coast path last Sunday, he asked if I liked steps or not. Not such an odd question maybe if you knew the section I am talking about, there are steps up, and then steps down, and then steps up …

I had to consider the question carefully, because there are two sides to steps (no, I haven’t been wandering around an Escher print.) On the one hand steps are a harbinger of doom because they indicate that the steepness of the slope has increased to a ‘less than comfortable’ degree. On the other steps are an aid to the ‘slope-adverse’ and can make a mountain (metaphorical or actual) accessible where it once wasn’t.

My town of abode is located on seven hills, we live very nearly at the top of the highest, which is why I can see Dartmoor from the comfort of my bed. Our local roads are joined by a network of steps like the one pictured below.

Steps T

All offer excellent exercise, but none are as glamorous perhaps as Jacob’s Ladder in the Peak District (which we Blondes plan to visit this summer) or the steps I remember from a rather naive venture on Snowdon’s Watkin Path.

Can anyone work how many steps Mr B2 has just walked down in today’s header picture? The clue is maybe in the lamp post!