By: Blonde Two

Please could I recommend that you do not look up the meaning for the word clitter via the medium of Google.  I, expecting to find information about periglaciation and granite, was shocked to find reference to what might possibly be named peridecoration.  I will leave you to find out what might be being decorated, undertake research at your peril.

Clitter is a most excellent word and there are few things in life more fun than shouting it out loud as you pick your way through the erosion formed granite gardens that make up Dartmoor clitter slopes.  This is particular true if you are being followed by hordes of confused and slightly embarrassed looking teenagers.Clitter Brat TorClitter is, in fact, blocks of granite that have been levered away by erosive processes.  Tors are left standing proud and the slopes below, as these ones on Brat Tor, are littered with clitter.

I don’t really like clittery tors (Blonde confession).  Their untidy demeanour does not appeal to my sense of organisation and they have huge potential for ankle breakage.  To my mind (and I am sure that God originally designed them this way), tors should emerge erect from a beautiful green sward grasses and moss.  Maybe I should make it my life’s mission to clitter pick all over Dartmoor.