By: Blonde Two

I went up to visit Dartmoor today (it has been at least a month, unheard of in the world of Blonde), and it turns out that I am not the only one with a new coat.  Miss Dartmoor has kitted herself out while I have been away.  Her jacket appears to be less soft and cuddle-like than mine but the colours were bright enough to grace any Austrian ski slope, co-reactant enough to make any recalcitrant, hair-dying teenager happy and shouted “look at me” enough to please any showy Blonde.

Next time I go to visit Miss Dartmoor (it will be soon) I will remember to take my camera. But for now, here is a picture taken on the Isle of Man by a chap called James Qualtrough.  You see what I mean?  I am not sure everyone could carry it off but vivid gorse yellow and skittish heather purple go very well together … but only if you are an ancient moorland!P1020465Please don’t try this at home ladies, your blokes will not appreciate having to put sunglasses on to look at you!