By: Blonde Two

When I was a Girl Guide (I have already told you about my bedroll) my first ground sheet was one that had come from my grandmother (a most excellent guider). We don’t often carry groundsheets around these days, tents being what they are and having built in alternatives, although I do detect the rise of the ‘tarp’ which is surely just a lighter form of the groundsheet.

My first groundsheet was not rectangular, it had some odd corners and I think I even remember a button. Apparently it was a very clever item that could either be used as a cloak in the rain or as a sheet to sleep on. I never used it as a cloak (despite my tendencies towards Batman impressions) but was reminded of it as I chatted to the happy Scotland travellers pictured above.

Rather than coats, they had elected to wear dark green capes that covered their rucksacks as well. A grand idea I think, in Scotland where even sunny days have a bit of fine rain in them. They did look a tad scary though, walking towards me. I think that if it had been dark, I might have hidden behind a tree. They were looking for a bridge, I showed them it on the map and hope that they found it. What a great photo that would have made!